Monday, May 27, 2013

Advice for Upcoming Kinders

Can you believe I have made over 450 posts on my little 'ole blog! Who knew several years ago when I started that I would still be going and it would still be such an important thing to me.

Anyway, one of our writing assignments last week was to write a letter to the Pre-K kiddos coming up with advice on how to handle Kindergarten. The first one is my favorite :) :

Save the drama for your llama! 

Where do they get these things?! They've been around me too long! :)

You should not give up writing, just ask somebody to help.

Remember you are going to be good. You are going to know your high frequency words and read to each other.

You have better lines than we have (he's talking about in the hallway-I always say that) and you are setting an example.

You must be a good listener and don't give up...

Do not forget to be awesome. Be creative by good answers. You have to work hard and do the best that as you can.

You should know that when you go to the new classroom, don't cry if your teacher does not look the same. :)

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