Tuesday, May 14, 2013

They Know Me So Well!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week and because I thought we were due for a fun writing activity-- I gave my kiddos a survey to see how well they knew me. I asked them what I liked, didn't like, ate, did on the weekends, and what I always say. I loved reading all the answers. Apparently I am very fond of good listeners-that was a common answer. And I always say "good job". But my favorite one was this:

I like questions and do not like drama! Couldn't have summed myself up better. Here are a few of the other answers.

Like pictures, eat vegetables. The blog she refers to here is their Kidblog page (although on the weekends, I do spend a lot of time on blogs! :).

likes students, does not like getting mad, eats pizza, says thank you and hangs out on the weekends.

Likes paintings, does not like taking out the trash (we have breakfast in the classroom here and I really do hate that part-they always serve cereal too-milk everywhere, every day! ). Eats pizza, drinks tea, always says "you can take a buddy" and plays with Ruby on the weekends.

Likes Ruby, does not like noise. Always says-don't make a mess. On the weekends, she is away from kids.

I'm not sure what the first 2 answers mean.

Like to go to Hawaii, eats salad, says "you're welcome".

Likes good listeners, does not like messes. Eats cold peppers (I will eat chopped up bell peppers and they always ask me if they are hot peppers and when I say no, I guess that means they are cold ones!).

I am getting better about reading books on the weekends. The funny part to me is I don't eat eggs-so I don't know where egg salad comes from and all they've ever seen me drink is iced tea!