Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Little Poets

I had a proud teacher-moment yesterday. Let me preface by saying, if you don't know this already, I am a big fan of poetry. I think it can be such a great tool to use in the classroom-for comprehension, for vocabulary, for fun! Needless to say we use poetry often.

Yesterday, I decided I wasn't in the mood to do what I had officially planned for our writing lesson :). With the weather the way it was everywhere, I wanted the kids to write poems about snow. We looked at some pictures from the news reports and of me when I lived in Pennsylvania (because these Texan babies have never seen actual snow beyond maybe a few flurries):

                                                         Me at our house in PA
                                                Real ice skating! :)

Then I asked them to write their own snow poems. We are working on using the writing process more and I didn't make them revise and rewrite, however we did share them with each other and the students made positive comments about what their classmates wrote "it had good rhythm" or "they used lots of describing words" before they published their work. I was even impressed they all had titles and they were a variety of titles--not just "Snow".  So cool! (no pun intended :).

This is what they came up with:

                                           The White Snow
                                           The snow is deep and soft
                                            It is as white as a white horse.
                                            It is nice.

                                                   The Snow Falls
                                                     The snow falls like a leaf
                                                     and the snow feels like fur and snow
                                                     is deep for a baby.

                                                 When Snow
                                                      When snow falls today and tomorrow it gets deep
                                                        deep and deeper
                                                       When it falls it feels like meatballs
                                                        When it melts you never see it again.
Odd Snow Thing
2 feet snow is like a pool
snowflakes are like falling stars
blizzards are like strong rains
snow is as cold as a freezer.

Show of the Snow
The snow falls like rain it floats
like wind it is cold like the

A Triple Snow Blizzard
When I was in bet something
opened the door and the
snow fell in my room.

                                                      My Snow
                                         The snow is soft and
                                          cozy, a little pillow
                                          a frozen bed.

                                               The Beautiful Snow
                                          When I went outside I felt
                                           snow on my nose when I felt
                                                          it felt ticklish.

                                                             I went outside
                                                           it was full of snow
                                                          when I layed in it it's
                                                       Snow is the sound when you hear it this is like
                                                       a snow globe and when people look at a snow globe
                                                      you wish you was in that snow globe and you feel like you
                                                       have joy.
                                           Snow Is
                                Snow is what as paper
                                Snow is as small as a bug
                                Snow is as fun as school
                                My house was covered in ice.

                                           The Very Sick Snowman
                                        One day is was snowing on their block and then
                                         Santa came
                                        You have to be quiet

                                     The Snow in a Rainy Night
                                        They day when the sky turned gray
                                        Then the next day the rain was alone.
                                           The Snow Senses
                                      The snow falls like cotton and white paper
                                        and it feels like I'm sinking in
                                        and it feels like marshmallows
                                        and tastes like cotton candy.


  1. First graders make the best poets!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. They are, aren't they Tammy! 1st graders are always coming up with such great philosophies! :)