Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family Feud Style Vocabulary Practice

I will admit it--I'm a huge fan of Family Feud! I think it's truly a game of critical thinking. You have to really pay attention to how a question is worded and sometimes it's really hard to get past those first couple of answers. I use this format, less formally, for a vocab practice activity.

I do it as an oral language activity with my students. I will give them the question, let them turn to a partner and name everything they can in one minute and then come back and record all the different answers. It takes about 5 minutes and I think they enjoy the challenge! Not only are they possibly learning new words in the question, but also from all the different answers. Seems easy, but it actually really makes you think. Sometimes they really surprise me with what they come up with! And sometimes I really surprise them with things they didn't even think of.

Some examples of questions to ask:

1) Name a kind of clothing that only children wear.
2) Name things you find at a movie theater (grocery store, school, in a living room, etc.)
3) Name something people can do with a deck of cards.
4) Name something you can swing.
5) Name something you can roll.
6) Name something you won't fit in if you are tall.
7) Name something that beeps.
8) Name a place people go for peace and quiet.
9) If you were turned into a spider, name something you'd have to learn how to do.
10) Name something people do even though they know it's wrong.
11) Name a way teddy bears are different from real bears.
12) Name something dogs do when their owners are gone for the day.
13) Name a reason someone might wear a disguise.
14) Name something you would only find in Texas.
15) Name a sport where the athletes wear protective clothing.
16) Name something that can fit in your pocket.
17) Name something you only do at night.
18) Name something that makes music.

Most of my students come from homes where English is not the primary language spoken. So anything I can do to make vocabulary more fun, I will try!

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