Friday, July 25, 2014

Know Any Brand-New Teachers?

This is a really good book for them to read:

I read the last 50 pages today while I was waiting for my car to be inspected and was giggling out loud.

It's the most realistic advice I've ever read. For an experienced teacher, much of the advice is maybe too late because you already have management and organization procedures. But even so, there is lots to reassure that no one is ever perfect.

Some of my favorite lines: "This is not going to be Chicken Soup for the Teacher's Soul more like Hard Liquor for the Teacher's Soul".

"Freedom is easier to give than it is to take away, so be an authority figure".

She also talks about being at trainings on how to get organized and wanting to throw color-coded systems out the window--glad I'm not the only one!

I wish I knew a brand-new teacher to pass this on too. Maybe I'll find one when I get back to campus! :)