Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Assessing Creativity

I keep digital portfolios for my kiddos. A little more time-consuming than just keeping a file of work for them, but well worth the effort for me. Parents can access the pics even if we do a phone conference and I can pull it up easily for the kids to see during student conferences. Because of this, in the first week of school it's very important for me to get some beginning-of-the-year work in the realm of creativity. But how do you assess that? 

One way I do it is with divergent art. I give them a shape and ask them to turn that shape into something using their imagination. I purposefully begin with an "S" shape. The first week of school I get a lot of snakes or pics where the student just draws around and doesn't even use the S. But I can continue to model for them throughout the year what it means to be more creative thinkers and by the end of the year I will have 25 different answers to that question.

We did our "S" shape yesterday-the first few answers are kiddos that I can see have already been bitten by that creative bug! :)


  1. I always love your creative ways to get students outside the box. And I adore what they come up with.
    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. I've been trying to take a ton of pictures for my students to add to their portfolios throughout the year... How do you organize the pictures and where do you store them? Do you upload them somewhere so that parents have access to them at anytime or do you keep them on a computer and pull them up when you need/want them?

    1. I do upload them. I use my class website which is one Weebly: It's not the best way, I know but I haven't found another one that I like yet. I have also read that programs like Evernote and Voicethread work well for portfolios.