Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Welcome Letters Done

Every year I beg to get the names and addresses of my students so I can send out welcome letters. Usually rosters are not distributed until the last minute, they are always making changes. I like to send out letters though. I like that the parents have my e-mail address to notify me of any concerns before we begin and also that they have access to the schedule/supply list on our class website to receive any last minute updates.

This year it was harder than usual! I'm hoping it's not a sign that maybe for some reason I shouldn't send them this year. First I decide to just address the envelopes from the files instead of writing them down and then copying them over. I didn't know the files were mixed with other Kinder classes-oops! So I had to go buy more envelopes. Then this summer all our computers were upgraded so they have no printer pathways on them (all the printers I found at school were not even connected to computers). Of course, my printer at home doesn't work. So I go to my public library and print a copy. Make the copies on my cute paper with kids on it only to read it over one last time and find a typo. :( I wrote you instead of your. If it were a weekly newsletter, I might just write in the missing letter-but this is their first impression of me. *sigh*

So I go to the Dollar Store (closest store where I could find printer paper)-I find one with dots on it (which goes with my The Dot-themed classroom). And go back to the library to print/copy again.  But now they are done and I can send them out tomorrow. I am sending a little frame with it where the kids can draw a picture of themselves doing their favorite summer activity-that will be my first bulletin board-I'm going to make one myself. :)

Can you/do you do welcome letters for your kiddos?


  1. I write postcards to the kiddos and call the parents. Your little frames for the bulletin board will be a sweet way to start the year.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I think it's awesome that you call them-what a great way to begin that home/school connection.