Thursday, August 27, 2015

Perspective of a Principal

One of the first concepts of Kaplan's Depth and Complexity that I work with my kiddos on is Multiple Perspectives. Many of them, believe it or not, think the world revolves around them. :) So it's actually a challenging task for them to put themselves in the shoes of someone else. I jump up on a table (ok, if I'm honest with my bad knee it's more like crawling up on the table) and demonstrate to them how the world I see up there is different-a la Mr. Keating in Dead Poet's Society. Then I read them a story called:

In the story we meet a principal who loves his school sooo much that he decides to have school on the weekends, and holidays, and summers. One student lets him know that plan is not working because kids have to learn how to climb trees and teach their dogs to fetch and teach their brothers to skip. It's a cute story. 

So we talked about what the principal's job is and started thinking about what a principal would see, do, feel, dream, believe.


  1. "Say all the kids are graduating from school." That one makes me smile. :)