Monday, August 17, 2015

Using Menus

I very much believe in giving kids choice when it comes to the product their activities take. I found a really great resource with templates for different kinds of menus: . There is also Ian's Differentiator:

I did a survey of parents at the end of the year last year and one of the 2 responses I received indicated they didn't like the way I did homework. That there wasn't enough variety in the worksheets I was sending home each week. So I decided to change how I do it. (By the way we are required to send homework or I wouldn't even do it in Kindergarten-the parents also always request it). I am going to do it with menus this year. This is what I have for the first week-it will get more challenging and more tailored to individual needs when I get the kiddos and assess what they already know.

They will complete one activity each night from the reading menu and one from the math. We'll see how it goes. I like trying new things! I use this for their workstation activities and every once in a while for how they create their end-of-unit projects.

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  1. Ooh, I want to do something like this, especially for reading. I don't like sending home traditional reading logs. Thanks for the idea!