Thursday, December 10, 2015

Candy Cane S.C.A.M.P.E.R.

I love S.C.A.M.P.E.R. If you are unfamiliar, it's a great way to stretch your kiddos' critical thinking. I find it's pretty easy to implement when you have a theme like the holidays. So for candy canes, I would do the following:

Substitute: we watch a video on United Streaming that shows a candy factory and how they make the candy cane. So we could substitute something for the sugar, or substitute different colors.

Combine: Combine the candy cane with another food-what would you get? The possibilities on this are just endless-candy cane hot dog buns anyone?

Adapt: Adapt candy canes for other holidays, seasons or uses. Adapt a version of the candy cane for grown-ups or using specific occupations-what would a nurse's candy cane look like.

Modify: Modify the shape of the candy cane, what other shapes could we make.

Put to another use (I have examples of this activity below)

Rearrange: rearrange the colors-what creative candy canes could we make?

This is the "put to another use" activity. I demonstrate with a pencil-usually we write and erase with a pencil. But I could also use it to put up my hair, open a can of soda, etc. I do not want you to just write that we can eat a candy cane or use it for decoration-I'm looking for something creative! Think about the colors, the shape. Here's what my kiddos came up with this year:

a roller skate

to make lines

I laughed out loud-I said "how do you know what u-turns even are?" and he said "my car tells us to take u-turns all the time!"

like a regular cane :)

to color red and white

for a performance



  1. Your kids have great imaginations!
    I've never heard of S.C.A.M.P.E.R. It sounds intriguing.