Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My One Little Word for 2017

Instead of doing resolutions, I do the whole One Little Word thing. I have done this for a while now. Some of my past words were things like: bold, forgive, heal.

I put a lot of thought into my word because it's something I will refer back to often. My "bold" year for example, I started volunteering to share my ideas in training our staff. When that voice started saying "that is outside your comfort zone"-I would think of my promise to be more bold and step up to the plate.

My word for 2017 will be JOY! As I am presented with options, I will go with the one that brings me the most joy. I will also do what I can to bring more joy into our classroom. That was one of my goals this year but I feel like I'm slacking in that respect. We are starting off our mornings dancing to songs like "Happy" and "Walking on Sunshine" --so that's a start. 

That's my plan for this year--to choose joy. :)

Do you have a One Little Word resolution this year?


  1. I just started reading Embracing a Culture of Joy. Our think our heads are in the same place. (again)

  2. I wish we worked at the same school-we would be a dynamic duo! :) Our minds quite often think alike. Let me know what you think of that book.