Thursday, December 1, 2016


Many of my students have a very positive outlook on life. They come in smiling every day, ready to learn. Others take some convincing. I wanted to share with you some ways I have started adding some positive vibes our class structure.

This summer I read Todd Nesloney's post: about how he as a principal uses music over the announcements. That post stuck with me. I put together a playlist of upbeat songs (Walking on Sunshine, Pocketful of Sunshine, Mr. Blue Sky and even a little Justin Timberlake-Can't Stop This Feeling).  Did you know by the way, that if you are an Amazon Prime member you have access to thousands of songs for free?!? I did not know this. I made a playlist that I titled "Happy"and I play it every morning as the kids enter the class. My favorite response when we started doing this: "Teachers can dance?"-oh, yes they can! :) The students have really started to respond to it.

When I take attendance-I say their name and then I look them in the eye and ask them how they are doing today. I think often as teachers we multi-task-we can tie someone shoes, post our attendance and read an e-mail from a parent--all in a matter of seconds. I want to teach them to really connect with each other and give someone their undivided attention. 

And this week I am eating lunch with all my students-just because. I take 5 at a time outside to eat lunch with me-not as a reward or a privilege, but because I want to talk to them and make that connection. The kids just LOVE it!

We end our class every day with a hug, handshake or a high five. Dismissal preparation is usually the most chaotic part of our day. Students are being called to the office getting picked up early, I'm putting papers in folders and we are cleaning up the classroom. I want to make sure we end our day on a positive note. There are days the time gets away from me and I just want to line up and go-but they insist on saying goodbye properly. 

Those are just  few things I started doing to make our day more enjoyable. What are some of the ways you include positive vibes in your class?


  1. I just (minutes ago) bought a book called Embracing a Culture of Joy: How Educators Can Bring Joy to Their Classrooms Each day. It sounds like you're already doing this. :)

    1. Oooh you'll have to let me know what you think of that book. Can always use more joy in our class! :)