Friday, October 13, 2017

Designing Bat Habitats

We did a unit on bats this week. We read some great stories both fiction and non-fiction. The students learned about their habits and vocabulary like echolocation and nocturnal.

I wanted to see what they learned so I asked them to apply their learning by thinking like a zookeeper who was designing a bat habitat. We just did it on paper this week just because we ran out of time. But here are some of the blueprints.

The bats have stick on the ceiling to hang from and they are feeding them lots of bugs.

This one cracked me up. She even included a tv for the bat. When I asked if that was something the bat would need she said "well, they are probably going to be bored just flying around all day".

This one gave them vegetables to eat. I asked if bats eat vegetables and she said "well, they could!".

I cut it out of the picture with her name but this one put stars on the ceiling so the bat would think it was nighttime and fly around for people to see.

This one had a stick for the bats to roost on and a hole where they could eat bugs.

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