Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Plea for Open-Ended

I know we have a lot on our plates. This time of year in particular it feels like we are drowning in our to-do lists. I have a way to maybe scratch a few things off yours! :) Instead of buying a project off TPT or cutting out all the pieces to a project and letting the kids just glue them on --why not let the kids create the project themselves? I promise it will still look cute and they will take pride in the fact that they did it themselves.

We made turkey vests and hats this week. I literally handed them the grocery bag and gave them access to construction paper. What  I love is watching them put so much effort into doing their projects. They would complain that they couldn't draw circles. So I suggested finding something in the room with a circular base and tracing that. They all got pans out of our kitchen center and traced them-look problem-solving too!

Here is some examples of their finished projects:

They can do it if you just give them the opportunities!

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