Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors

So I discovered this hilarious book by the author of the Day the Crayons Quit:

This man truly understands what makes kids laugh. The story begins in the Realm of the Backyard where Rock is looking for a formidable foe. There is a pattern to the story that makes it interactive and there is talk of underwear and how the apricot looks like a butt which you know makes kids sit up and pay attention. I LOVE reading books like this where I can be silly and do different voices.

So I asked the students to come up with a new foe for either Rock, Paper or Scissors and to write who would win. It always cracks me up to see them play this with each other because inevitably one will say "volcano" and that beats everything so they win. I expected them to come up with things like that but it was the 1st day back after a week-long break so I did get some Rock vs. Scissors, etc.

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