Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Graduation Advice

This time of year there are lots of great clips from keynote speakers at graduation ceremonies with inspiring messages that often end up as memes. We watched a few and then read this book that I am officially in LOVE with:

I was afraid the boys would balk at the title because even when we put on a JustDance Kids video and it's all girls they sit down and refuse to do it. But no one said anything. Her advice for girls is spot on as great advice for anyone. "Never lose your sense of wonder" or "sometimes you just gotta stop and dance". "Find people you, find people unlike you".  "Listen to your brave side".

Then I asked the students to write their own advice for the world. 


You should always be yourself.
You should never listen to strangers.

You should always be friends.
You should never be a bully.

You should always be nice.
You should never hit anyone.

You should never cuss.
You should always have fun.

You should always tell your teacher to help you count.
You should never kiss someone from your class.

You should always be good.
You should never be bad.

You should always be playing.
You should never steal.

You should always be respectful.
You should never be rude.

You should always be unique.
You should always be creative.

You should always be thankful.
You should never be rude.


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