Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Unicorn Theme

I believe it's important to tap into the interests of your students. Not only because it will engage them more in learning, but they can learn new things in the realm of their passions. I have several girls who are obsessed with unicorns. No matter what we write about, they bring it back to unicorns. They ask questions all the time about them. So when I was deciding on our themes for these last few weeks, I decided to choose a unicorn theme. There are a surprising number of books on the subject:

Introduces them to words like "frolic" and "prance". Can't go wrong with a Little Golden Book. :)

One of my all-time favorite stories. Our protagonist orders a unicorn and is a little disappointed in what she receives. But they make it work. Sometimes you get the pet you need, not the pet you want.

Thelma was an ordinary unicorn until a mishap turned her into a famous icon. However, she learns fame comes at a price. Great story to talk about problem/resolution in writing.

Yeah, apparently unicorns are a lot of work!

A parody of Good Night Moon. After I read this story to my students, I asked them to write other parodies of stories they knew using "unicorn" instead of the original character. We talked about what other details would change if you changed that one thing.

Love this illustration-kind of a goth Fern too. :)

My kids love the story Ninja Baby. :)

Unicorn Sleeping Beauty (I love the z's to show she is sleeping).

Instead of the Wild Robot.

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