Saturday, February 16, 2019

Conversation Heart Writing Prompts

One of my favorite writing activities to do is perfect when conversation hearts start to go on sale. :) I glue a heart to each paper before hand. Each student receives a word or phrase they have to use in their sentence. We are working on writing a complete sentence right now, so this is perfect to practice that objective. I liked not only seeing how creative some of the ideas were, but also how far they are coming along in sounding out their words!

Miss You: I told my Mom "miss you".

Cool:  Be cool! (usually I'd ask for more elaboration, but that works :).

Hug me: My Mom said "hug me".

Smile: My Mom made me smile (you see a trend?)

I hope: I hope my dog chases me.

Puppy love: I like puppies so it is puppy love.

LOL:  At a party the girl said LOL.

So nice: She was so nice to me.

Love: If I had a pet pig I would love it.

Love you: I told my mom "love you".

Awesome:  Game night is awesome.

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