Thursday, June 27, 2019

Books to Model Grit

I know the word "grit" has been warped into something that the original researcher even regrets. I saw certificates at Lakeshore to give kids for having grit! Grit is the ability to work towards a goal, to practice, to learn and not give up simply because you are not good at it. It's something I do not see often in kiddos from this generation and try to help instill in them.

When I was growing up computers were a new thing. We had one in our house and would sit for hours with a book on how to code it to play Hangman. If you made one mistake-one space out of place, one capital letter that was supposed to be lowercase the program would not work. I truly believe this helped develop resilience in us. Something I believe coding in schools helps to do even today.

I LOVE discovering stories where characters do not give up even though reaching their goal is hard. Here are a few:

One of my all-time favorite stories! A penguin has the soul of an eagle and wants to fly. He doesn't give up until he can do it.

Humpty Dumpty had some anxiety about heights after his fall, but he worked on that and now can climb back up on the wall without hesitation.

The chickens are asking a lot of what if's that could prevent them from escaping the wolf. But they buckle down and do what they have to do for their own survival.

I LOVE this story! Eugenie Clark was told her whole life that she couldn't do what she wanted to do. Girls did not become scientists. People did not study killer animals. But she worked and worked and eventually met her goals and made a true difference in this world.

One of my all-time favorite story characters! Molly is short, has the voice of a bullfrog and buck teeth but with the advice of her grandmother she continues to try and eventually dazzles the world with her talents.

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