Sunday, June 2, 2019

Great End of School Year Read Alouds

The end of the school year is always bittersweet. We have had 9 months together. We know each other well. I love these kiddos but it's time for them to move on and grow.

One of my many goals for my students is to help them develop a passion for reading. I take great care to choose stories that I know will accomplish this goal. These are some books I found that have a message of being brave and working toward your dreams.

Like all the "What Do You Do" books, this personifies a problem. What do you do if you find an obstacle in your path. Great discussion starter.

A beautiful story about what happens when we make mistakes.

Great advice from parents to their child-there is only one you.

My students and I talk a lot about what it means to be brave. That's one of the traits I try to instill in my students. It was great to circle back to that in our last few weeks.

We had a whole discussion about what goals they had and how they met those goals this year. Hard work can help you reach your dreams.

Suki the dog is scared to go into the water. Until her beloved monkey gets sucked into a wave-then without thinking she jumps in-even though There Might Be Lobsters.

Little Tree wants to hold on to her leaves as the seasons change, but that holds her back from growing like the other trees. We made the connection between my students not wanting to leave Kindergarten, but they have to grow and move on to 1st Grade.

One of my favorite authors. She writes this story of advice good for all children, but particularly pointed toward girls.

Clumsy title I know, but a story that illustrates how sometimes you have to be brave and take a leap of faith. You may fall, but you may fly.

My favorite book for this time of year. "I wish you more umbrellas than rain, more ups than down". 

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