Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Asking for Feedback

I am always open to suggestions for how I can improve my practice-however, sometimes it's hard to ask for those suggestions because you know there are some unhappy with their experience. And that's hard to hear. Especially for someone like me-teaching is not just a job for me, it's my life! If you tell me I'm not doing a good job, that will just deflate me.

Parents have been unhappy with my performance over the years, as have administrators and even students. I think one of the hardest things about our job as teachers is trying to do lessons that will make everyone happy.

I ask my students for feedback throughout the year. I ask them what does Miss Trayers like? (if they answer with a student's name that makes me rethink my classroom community activities). I ask what Miss Trayers does not like? (again if they say a student's name here, that crushes me). I ask them for suggestions of what they want to see more of in class, less of. We do this activity mid-year and I retool what I am doing based on their suggestions. I also ask them this time of year to reflect and grow for next year's group.

This year, I also sent a survey to parents mid-year. I usually do one online, however I never got many responses. So I sent one home one paper this year. There was a cover sheet with my name on it so the parents could turn them in anonymously to the office. I got a much better amount of responses doing it this way. The important part is then to take their comments and tweak our practice to make it better. 

In the past I have also asked administrators for their feedback. We have an evaluation process, but I am getting feedback from one assessor. I like to hear what suggestions the other admins have to better my practice.

It's hard to ask for criticism, but I think it's important to reflect on not only how we feel about the year but how others we affected by that experience as well.

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