Friday, May 24, 2019

Inspiration: Our Last Class Book

I really try to teach my students about many people throughout the year who were brave, who were interesting, who changed the world. We read stories about them, watch videos about them.

For our last class book of the year, I asked them to write about someone they learned about this year who inspires them. Who makes them what to be a better person, who do they want to grow up and be like. Here are their responses:

This is my animal loving student-she has a particularly big part of her heart that cares for pigs. So of course, she wrote about Charlotte from Charlotte's Web.

My class may not be where the 1st Grade teachers would like them to be academically, but I LOVE to see the progress they have made not only in their writing but also in their creativity. Every one of them came up with a different answer.

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