Thursday, May 16, 2019

I Wish You More

We only have a few weeks left in our school year. I am trying to leave my students with some meaningful read-alouds. I LOVE Amy Krause Rosenthal's books--but this one is my favorites:

We read the story and discussed some of her wishes. She says "I wish you more ups than downs" and "more umbrella than rain".

I asked them to come up with their own page of the story. I was really thrilled to see how creative my students' responses were!

I wish you more "yay" than "ugh".

I wish you more nice than not nice.

....more apples than fish.

....more flowers than weeds.

I wish you more hearts than broken hearts.

I wish you more cute than ugly.

I wish you more happy faces than sad faces.

....more good luck than bad luck.

....more ladybugs than bees.

I wish you more "hi's" than "byes".

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