Sunday, May 3, 2020

Student Feedback

Asking for feedback is incredibly important when you examine your practice as a teacher. Now this is more difficult in early childhood because the students cannot always articulate their feelings. They want to please you and will say what you think you want to hear. In the classroom, I do a survey where they can sound out their words or draw pictures to answer my questions. Virtually, it's a little more difficult. 

I made it an assignment on Google Classroom. It was created as a quiz with short answer responses. I asked:

1) What does your teacher always say? -the answer to this tells me a lot. If the answer is "sweetie" or "you can do it"-I am inspiring them. If the answer is "don't do that" or "clean up"-that's not what I want them to remember me for. I may need to work on developing classroom climate better.

2) What do your teacher like?  Again, I can tell from this answer the environment I am creating for my students. One year students wrote the name of a classmate-my teacher likes Emily and does not like Andrew. I was horrified. Of course, I like all my students, I needed to be more conscious of letting the class know that.

3) What is something your teacher does not like? -if the answer is "a mess" or "loud voices"-then I feel like we are emphasizing the wrong things in our classroom management techniques.

4) What was your favorite activity in class? (No recess or lunch as answers).

5) My teacher.....-completely open-ended.

I hope I get some kiddos to actually log in and respond. Even in all the chaos in our world today I feel like it is really important to reflect on how the year went and change what needs to be changed for future classes.

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