Saturday, July 9, 2022

Depth and Complexity-Patterns

Patterns is a depth and complexity concept as well as one of the universal themes. If you are not familiar with universal themes-they are a theme you use throughout the school year to deepen your students' learning. 

Students develop "rules" for their theme throughout the year. Patterns always repeat. They can also be used to predict. Now most students think about patterns they look for ABABAB like they learned in math. And there are many ways to apply Patterns in math. But it can also be applied in other subject areas. 

In reading I introduce this with a book that has a pattern throughout-some of my favorites:

I model in the beginning identifying the pattern and then very soon after that students will start pointing it out on their own. "There's a pattern in this book". 


We take a walk around the campus and students take pictures of patterns they find-floor tiles, playground gate planks, etc. We make a big collage of all the patterns and see if they follow the rules we have developed.


Life cycles/Weather cycles are just 2 ways to bring patterns into science lessons. 


Lots of ways to create patterns in art. We identify them and then create them using different forms of media.

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