Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Escape Rooms for Young Students

I love the idea of Escape Rooms-the problem is I can never find examples of ones that would work for my beginning readers. So I made some. :) These are very, very, very primitive. I do not in any way claim to be tech savvy. But maybe if someone wants to use it and it would save them time then by all means, I will share. 

I printed the photos and put them on the front of a file folder. Taped the file folders up around the room with clues inside that correspond with the sequence of actvities. They are figuring out rebus clues, rhyming words, time and addition and subtraction-if there were 5 groups, I made 5 copies. I printed out a second copy of the noted pics to cut apart as puzzles-I made a few extras so if more than one group was working on it at a time, they would have enough of the materials. 


I will add more as I complete them. One of my summer projects. :) 

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