Friday, February 3, 2012

New Groundhog Day Legends

Let's face it-the current legend has been scientifically proven to not be very accurate in predicting the weather. Certainly here in Texas we've already been having summer weather (not to rub it in for any of you northerners dealing with blizzards right now or anything). :)

 So I asked my kiddos to create a new legend for the groundhog to use in making predictions.

If the groundhog stays in the den it means it's going to have babies. (Now this one may have more of a chance of being true). I love her groundhog!

Not exactly a legend I know, but very true.

If the groundhog eats 100 popcorns it's going to be 100 days of summer break. Now this one would make teachers everywhere go out and feed lots of popcorn to groundhogs! :)

Looks more like a beaver, I know-but cute, nonetheless!

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  1. Cute groundhogs and a very creative idea! My kids are a little confused since we have been having summer weather as well...they're like um...Ms. Fleming it's not really winter now...umm yeah great observation kids!

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  2. I never really got ground hog day as a kid, in part because I was running around in shorts playing in sprinklers.

    We are doing legends right now. I know it is a bit late, but I think I'll add this in next week. I can tie it into science and climate for my 2nd graders.