Sunday, February 12, 2012

Projects with Community Service

We adopted a nursing home this year. Every month the kiddos make some kind of craft for them-Thanksgiving placemats, penguin ornaments, we're a little behind in our Valentine's Craft; kind of snuck up on me. But throughout the year, we've been learning about research and looking up different facilities, viewing pics of different rooms.

Well, their project was to design a room in their nursing home taking into consideration all that we've learned about the residents so far. Let's face it-life can get lonely and boring. They came up with some wonderful ideas. My favorite was the Family Photo Room where they can come in and look at photos on the walls whenever they get lonely for their families.

We also have the pet room: the kids got a little crazy with the clay and feathers. I think somewhere in there is actaully a zebra! :) Kinders kiddos are not very practical. But their reasoning was that pets make you happy, so it would make the residents happy.

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