Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some Rigorous Dr. Seuss Activities

Dr. Seuss' Birthday is next week-March 2nd. I know we are planning to celebrate that day with some activities based on his stories. As I planned, I wanted to share some ways I plan to add some rigor to those lessons. I'll post pics next week as we complete them.

Biography: The Boy on Fairfield Street --very interesting account of his life growing up and how many people told him he’d never make a living drawing his silly animals!

Ethics: lots of books lend themselves to this concept. The Lorax and the environment, Butter Battle and war. Horton Hatches the Egg, was it fair for Maisy to leave her egg with Horton? Cat in the Hat-was it fair for him to come in and mess up the house?

Perspective: Compare the perspective of the Lorax and the Thneed-seller, speak from the perspective of the Truffula trees or the egg in Horton Hatches the Egg-what would it say?.

Compare views of the fish with that of the children in Cat in the Hat.

Compare characters like the Lorax to Horton-they both tried to do what they thought was right.

Critical Thinking: Design a new accessory for the Cat in the Hat-something other than the famous "hat". Would it change any details of the story?

Create your own silly Dr. Seuss-like character.

Green Eggs and Ham-create a list of other foods he probably wouldn’t eat.

Why are the Dr. Seuss books so popular? What details about them do people like?

Thinking about the Lorax character, who is speaking for the other unrecognized problems out there in society today?

Rules: What are the rules for a Dr. Seuss story? Write your own story following those rules.
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