Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Sorting Challenge

So I was at the grocery store yesterday trying to find something interesting that we could sort for our snacks. Lots of choices-but I went with the good ole' standby of rainbow goldfish. Now I know what you're thinking, they are just going to sort by color right? Nope, I didn't let them off that easy. We had been working on sorting for a few days and they always sort by color or shape. Here they couldn't do it by shape and I told them I wanted something other than by color. Of course, I heard all the complaints of how hard that would be, but guess what....many of them figured out a way. Here are a few :

Smiles/no smiles



Now I know this looks like color. But we watched a video on Discovery about different ways to sort and they talked about using the 5 senses-smelling the stickers that were lemon. So this muchkin said he was sorting out the "lemon" ones. Hey, at least he was paying attention yesterday!

I felt like I actually made them think a little bit today anyway! :)

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