Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our First Divergent Art

One of my favorite activities to reinforce creativity is to give the kids some kind of shape-a circle, a squiggle, a straight line and ask them to incorporate that shape into creating some sort of design. For example-a circle could be a wheel on a car, a snowman head, a sun, etc. The first shape I give them is a squiggle because 85% of the class will turn it into a snake. And while I make it very clear, there's nothing wrong with a snake, next time I want them to try to come up with something no one else thought of, it becomes a lesson on originality. It's also very telling to me who has an innate creativity. Here are some of what they came up with on the 1st try.

a muffin

a self-portrait (the description later changed to an alien portrait).

a hat

a generator (this student is obsessed with anything mechanical)



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  1. Very creative group this early on IMHO:)

  2. I love squiggles, even with adults. It's interesting to see the creativity. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Do you give each child a different squiggle? Or do you make one squiggle, photocopy the paper, and then distribute it to the students? I'm assuming you give each child a different squiggle to ensure that the kiddos don't "share" their creativity. lol

    1. I actually usually do photocopy it (we've been having copier issues-that's why I drew it with marker here). But you definitely could give different kids different ones and see what they come up with. ;)