Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bus Snacks

This has become a first-day tradition in our classroom. Partly because I know they are hungry by 3:00-they eat lunch at 11:00. And partly because it's a fun activity and I want them to want to come to school the 2nd day. :) I showed them how to make the bus with graham crackers, waffle pretzels, oreos and yellow-dyed cream cheese ( I ran out of food coloring so it's not as yellow as I would have liked it to be). Usually they make them in different ways, but this was a case where they pretty much all made it the way I did (except one bus had about 8 wheels, a cookie fan apparently :). It was a fun activity though, and we didn't make too big of a mess. These were a few examples of what they came up with.:

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  1. Your bus snacks are so cute and we LOVE Molly Lou Melon!!
    We just found you and are now following. We would love it if you stop by sometime!
    Katie & Lisen

  2. That is one awesome book:) Very creative versions of a bus-the 3-D one is my favorite. Great activity-might borrow to do with my kiddo and have him write how to follow-up.

    1. I loved the 3-D one too-very original, I wouldn't have thought to make it into a cube.