Friday, September 13, 2013

A Mondrian Thinking Exercise

I wanted to do just a fun writing activity today, so I chose to do a lesson based on Mondrian's art. I showed the kids some paintings and asked what they noticed. Yes, certain shapes are used, certain colors. My question to them then was "why?"--why did he choose to use just primary colors, why straight lines (honestly, it's something I've often wondered myself :). So they  made their own Mondrian-like pictures and then wrote their answer to that question. P.S.--I do not know why these pics did not come out flat-I did take them at the end of the day, so maybe I was crooked myself by then. :).

he's creative.

He's creative, he must be famous.

because he's good at drawing.

Because he likes the squares

He wants to be the only person who does that.

He is one-of-a-kind and unique.

because he didn't know what to write.

because he tries to do it.

because he could do it for fun.

because he picks the crayons that he thought they were going to be cool.

Because he's one-of-a-kind (can you tell that's a word wall word.)

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