Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chalk Dreams

I've read this book as a suggested story to use with the kids on many different blogs. When I saw it in the library and picked it up to read it, I knew my Little Dragons would love it! The first thing I told them was--there are no words! They asked how I was going to read them a story with no words...they found out pretty quickly.

So I asked my students to write about what they would draw if they found magic chalk and knew whatever they drew would come to life. I love the creativity in the first 2 answers:

....a dog because they are not scary.

...words and a dragon. Because I love words and I want to see how a dragon turns out.

...a big giant basketball and big net.

...a horseshoe crab

a flying giraffe

.....a squid that has hair

Honestly not sure what she meant by this, but it looks pretty cool. I know it has hairs and legs and a head and neck.

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  1. Your Little Learners write so well. I wonder how many of your other followers like me tried to work out the last writing sample!! I got it down to 'flying coke' lol
    Julie :)