Saturday, May 17, 2014

Class Symbols

So my beloved camera broke :(. I've had it forever so it was probably just a matter of time-but what bad timing. We had a field trip to a science museum and Field Day last week! I bought a new one that I have to get used to now. I tell you this also because these pics were taken with my cell phone-so I know the quality is not as good.

I've been with many of my kiddos for 2 years now because I looped up with them. It makes these last few weeks hard on all of us. I know they will be in good hands next year, but still-saying good-bye will be hard. I asked them to come up with a symbol that could stand for our class. I think it's a challenging activity because it's abstract. Here's what they came up with:

A bell because we are noisy.

working together

a monkey because we are rambunctious sometimes

Share-because we always share

a heart because we should always be kind

Pants-because they are smart (smarty-pants :)

No explanation of why, but I like it!

Dogs and cats because they explore and we explore learning

A T for thank you and for test. (we just got done with our week of standardized testing)

working together

That's me! :)

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