Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wish Us Luck

We start our week-long standardized testing tomorrow. I had a dream last night that in the middle of the test a child took cookies out of their desk and started eating them. Another student stamped his booklet all over with a stamper he had in his pocket. Oh and they put a Pre-K class in with me to hold and they were just running around the room screaming. An administrator came in to ask why I was behind. So I'm guessing at least it has to go better than that! :) Isn't it funny the way our minds work.

I did write them letters that I will put on their desks before they come in

Along with a letter from the Desk Fairy ( I know, cheesy, but they LOVE her):

And a letter from their parents, if they wrote one, I did request it.

We have a motivational song to sing beforehand (to the tune of Roar) and we've prepared I think as much as possible. Now it will be up to them. Hopefully they get more sleep tonight than I know I will! I've posted about my frustration before, this is 50% of my evaluation-however, no one can tell me how the growth will be calculated. If they scored in the 98th percentile last year (which I had 2 students do) and they score in the 97th this year, that will be considered negative growth, right? How will my child who is reading on a 5th grade level show that on a test that's scaled for the grade level he's in? What level of growth are we even looking for to be called effective? I just wish I had more answers-I don't even know what the goal is. I know this whole holding teachers accountable for test scores thing sounded good in their heads! I guess we'll do how we do and if it's not good enough, I'll have a year on a growth plan before they fire me. Not that I'm worried or anything....:)

Ah, the joys of teaching!

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  1. I don't care what the test scores say. I would put my child in your class without a second thought. You are a great teacher, and your students are lucky to have you!

  2. Really? Your evaluation is affected by scores? There's something wrong with that. I'm so sorry. Regardless, you've done well and fought a good fight.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Yep. I'm afraid that's the way it's going in a lot of places. I heard next they want to tie salaries to scores. That should be interesting. I love the district I work for-with a few exceptions. :)