Friday, May 2, 2014

Keep Calm James

We are reading James and the Giant Peach right now. If I'm being honest, not my favorite book-however we are going to see the play of it this month so I wanted them to have a frame of reference. One of my students asked me the other day, "I wonder how they'll do the peach on stage?"--good question! :)

Right now James and his new friends are inside the peach and floating on the ocean. I wanted to do a really quick, simple reading response activity to see who was getting it. We've all seen the "Keep Calm and _____ On" t-shirts. Well, I asked them to design one for James-what would his t-shirt say?

My favorite one! This is my baby who has struggled this year-love it!

I like this one too-this is basically all James could do when he was a child
living with his aunts.

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