Friday, May 9, 2014

The Best Thing.....

The Evaluation stage from Bloom's is a hard one sometimes to hit. It's harder than it looks for young kids. Coming up with the BEST thing about something is what we tried this week. We started with "what is the best thing about being a Mom"-the answers were things like "you can spend your money on whatever you want" and "you get to sleep whenever you want"--not necessarily what I think of when I think of the habits of Moms!

So we talked about how this incorporates perspective. We tried again with "what's the best thing about being a teacher?"--I still think many of the answers were skewed more toward what they like best about school-lunch and summer vacation-but some of the answers were just awesome! :)

Isn't that sweet--they do inspire me! :)


Book club-they love the student book club we do!

                                 When they come to eat with me on Fridays they are amazed at how quiet it is.
                                 I do let them talk and everything, but it's still much quieter than the cafeteria.
                                      I do love reading to them!
They really don't like the cafeteria food! :)

I definitely do love that.

                                    I love the response in the bubbles.
They rely on you and you have company. I do feel like I talk to them more than adults!

I like this illustration too! You can have lunch by yourself in peace.

One of my favorites-we have been working on gratitude this year.

                                       This one made me laugh. They always want to sit in my desk chair!

Oh yes, don't I love parties-buying the treats, setting everything up, cleaning up afterward--
that's not work, right? :)


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  1. These are great! The desk chair is coveted in my room, too, so it's become one of the privileges the kids can earn. I have 2 desk chairs (don't ask me how that happened) and a stool, and the students are thrilled when they get to have them. So many students have earned the privilege that I sit in a student chair every Wednesday and Thursday (when I sit - which isn't very often anyway!)