Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fortune Favors the Bold

One of the first lessons I teach the first week of school is how to take risks. I make it very clear-I am not talking about skateboarding off a roof kind of risk, but a raise your hand to answer a question when you're not sure you are right kind of risk. We have a lot of discussions and I want them to know upfront raising a different point of view is actually a good thing. Our first words on our Word Wall are "creative" and "unique".

Therefore my back-to-school read-alouds the first week are usually a little bit different. My favorite risk-taking protagonists:

Oddrey is a perfect example of a gifted student (and a teacher who really does not understand her well). But her different way of thinking saves the day in the end.

This story is on Tumblebooks and you get to hear it read by Robert Munsch himself. My kids LOVE this story! A little girl wants to wear her hair different from everyone else, but every time she changes it the other students (and even the teacher) copy her. So she has a bit of a diabolical plan!

One of my new faves! Woolbur is different from the other sheep and as hard as his parents try to get him to conform-no avail. I adore the ending.

This story is on Reading Rainbow if you have access to Discovery Education. Monique finds cool accessories in her mother's trunk and wears them to school, but it doesn't go well with their uniforms. The kids really understand the word "unique" after this story.


  1. Thanks for the book recommendations. Have added Oddrey to my shopping cart.

  2. I've got Stephanie's Ponytail. My kids love that one. I love this message you send with all these books that first week.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First