Friday, February 26, 2016

Performance Assessments

I believe in giving kiddos different ways to apply what they are learning. Everyone is not the same kind of learner, so everyone should not be expected to show what they are learning in the same way. I'm a big believer in performance assessments. It takes a little bit more time to put them together, but I can tell right away who gets it and who needs a little more reteaching.

Since February is Black History Month, we wrote skits portraying the lives of the historical figures we have been studying. I chose 5 team "captains" who then chose their "team". They sat down together and decided who they wanted to write about. And then they decided who would play what role (it took a lot of cooperation) and wrote their lines. This is one example:

MLK-Everyone should have the same rights.
Coretta Scott King-Yes, that is the only way to be fair.
MLK-I am going to do a big speech today, I feel sad that I have to make a speech for equal rights.
Protester-yes, we shouldn’t have to fight for our rights.
Police officer-I will protect you at your speech today Martin.
MLK-thank you, I am grateful that you will protect me.
Coretta Scott King-Good luck in your speech. I’m happy for you.

We performed them for our parents today-a short and sweet little performance. No costumes, no backdrops-just their stories.

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  1. Wow, I imagine you learn a whole lot more about their learning from an assessment like this.

  2. I can really see if they are applying what they are learning or just repeating something they memorized and will forget tomorrow.