Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Kindergarten Blues

We are studying different music influenced by African-American artists this month. We read a poem by Langston Hughes called "The Blues":

When the shoe strings break
On both your shoes
And you're in a hurry-
That's the blues.

When you go to buy a candy bar
And you've lost the dime you had-
Slipped through a hole in your pocket somewhere-
That's the blues, too, and bad!

 We listened to examples of blues music. We wrote the Ruby Blues together (that's my dog-she couldn't find her bone, etc.)

 Then I asked them to think as a Kindergartener-what would your blues song be about. Here's what they came up with (you can see we worry about losing things and have a lot of friend drama going on :)

My BFF is not my best friend anymore, a fire drill has happened and the school is on fire...that's the Kindergarten Blues.

When my friends make me mad
When I forget to study by spelling words

When my friends get mad at me and make mad faces
When someone writes on the carpet

The blocks break
The Clorox wipes run out

When the words are too hard to read
When someone knocks my tower down

Getting and F on your test
Getting a sad face

I lost my library book.
I love my lunch money.

If all the math stations were stolen
I wanted to play with the panda blocks but someone got them first

When no one is my best friends
When it is time to clean up

I got lost on the way to lunch
If I couldn't go to my favorite ancillary

If the smartboard did not work
If I dropped my tray at lunch.

When my friend falls down at recess
When I fix the bookshelf and it gets messed up right away

My teaching said no more coding.
We ran out of paper and can't write our sentences.

I lose recess
We had to cancel our party

When my friend is mean to me
When I can't think of an idea

I am sick and can't go to school
I want to go to the new stations but we ran out of time.

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  1., what a word to use in kindergarten! :)