Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sweet Similes

Ugh-I hate when I go more than a week without blogging! :) Yesterday was a big day for me though-I finished my radiation treatments!!!! Not nearly the same side effects as chemo but man, driving out there and  getting treatment every day after working 10 hours (I do clubs in the mornings and in the afternoons) was exhausting! So very glad that is over and one with. I'm not celebrating quite yet because I still have to back to the oncologist and make sure it's gone before I'm official-but at least this hurdle has been accomplished.

I introduced my kiddos to similes this week. There are lots of books that have great similes in them to use as mentor texts, but this is one of my all-time favorites to use:  

It's a really cute story full of similes and metaphors.

So after reading that and talking about what a simile was, I had the kids draw themselves and just come up with a simple "I am as ______as ________." or "I am _________ like ____________." Some of them actually described themselves pretty well.....

I am as curious as a monkey.

My hair is as soft as a cloud.

My hair is as crazy as a puppy.

I spin like a tornado.

hard as a rock (he told me he meant his skull) :)

I am as pretty as a princess (she asked if it was ok that she gave herself braces-they are obsessed with braces).

I am as noisy as a little kid.

I am as pretty as a star.

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  1. First off, well done, fighting your fight while teaching little people all day. I just can't imagine what kind of stamina that requires. Secondly, they're super with similes!

  2. I've got that book and love it! Using it for similes is a wonderful idea.
    Glad to hear you're at the end of your treatments. I think it's incredible that you kept teaching through it all!