Sunday, July 8, 2012

Inspiration Struck Sunday

Only 4 more days of summer school and then my summer vacay finally starts (well, until the week after next when I have PD about our new curriculum for a week....what's that saying again about teachers getting 3 months off? :).

From Pinterest:

I wish we had a new teacher starting out on our team that I could make this for them-I think it is soooo cute!

Inside: Animal cookies for when your classroom seems like a zoo. • Band-Aids for when things get a little rough. • Chewing Gum to help you stick to it. • Crayons to color your day bright and cheerful. • Candle for when you are up late marking or planning. • Smarties because that's who you're teaching. • Time Out bar because you'll probably need it by the end of the day. • Eraser to remind you everyone makes mistakes. • Lifesavers for when you've had one of those days. • Marbles to replace the ones you've lost. • Paperclips to hold it all together. • Pencil to "write your wrongs." • Rubber band to remind you to be flexible. • Shiny Penny to remind you that each will shine in his or her own special way. • Starburst to give you a "burst" of energy when you need it. • Tissues to wipe away the tears...yours and theirs. • Toothpicks to help you "pick" out the good qualities in others and yourself. • A prayer for you to say at the start of each day. 

This is an old video, but I think a great reminder that we need to know a student's strengths and tap into those to help them learn, instead of just focusing on the weaknesses.


  1. I love the survival kit. I don't always post as much as I'd like, but I wanted you to know I always enjoy your blog.

    The Idea Backpack

  2. Thanks so much April-that means a lot to me! :)

  3. I'm digging the "These are your kids on books..." poster!

    A Pirates Life for Us