Wednesday, July 4, 2012

School Dreams

Dreams have always fascinated me. I can remember sitting in a psych class in college and getting to that part of the textbook and being very disappointed that there really is no scientific explanation yet for dreams. I have a few that recur often-mostly, I can't find something: my car in a parking lot, a street if I'm driving, my classroom. The lost tooth dream used to plague me, but I haven't had that one for a long time. I do like to sometimes look up what they mean, but certainly don't believe it's an explanation for anything the way Freud did. I just think it's fun to think about.

Well, my back-to-school dreams have officially started. Have you had any yet?

I had one last week where my principal decided he was going to rename the school and asked the students to come up with the new names. It sounded like I was going to work for either McDonald's or Justin Beiber Elementary! :)

Last night (in my dream) the administration called and said they were going to hold one of our pre-service days at our house!!! I think that was probably my subconscious telling me it's time to clean. :)

The worst one I've ever had was when I was asked to administer a standardized test to Pre-K kids in a big auditorium. That was a nightmare-the parents wouldn't leave, the kids kept saying they couldn't read yet--not  fun.

I know most of us still have at least a few weeks of summer vacation yet, but any back-to-school anxieties creeping in?


  1. Oh my gosh! I had my first back to school dream...I mean nightmare last night! I apparently was assigned to teach 6th grade in the mornings and 1st grade in the afternoons! I woke up while teaching in my 6th grade classroom with heart palpitations!
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  2. Oooh! 6th Graders-that would be scary! :)

  3. This is not related to a school dream, but it's funny. When I was pregnant with my first, we owned three very very large dogs...which were all inside dogs. The hair I had to continuously vacuum every single day was enough to make a fourth dog. Anyway, it must have really bothered me because I dreamed that my new baby was crawling around on the floor and looked like a baby gorilla because she was covered in so much dog fur.

  4. Brandy that is funny! I have a shedding factory of a dog now-I wish I could use all that fur for something productive! :)