Thursday, July 5, 2012

What Teaching Means To Me

Well, I just could not resist this link-up because it's going with the Wizard of Oz theme, which of course is what I'm using for my classroom in the fall.

Follow The Famous Yellow Road

This is the one I chose to comment on:

Follow The Famous Yellow Road

Teaching means so much to me!

* It means making a difference. I love to watch my former students grow up into scholars. I know that I am attempting to give them the best foundation as possible in basic skills. But also trying to help develop in them a passion for reading and learning. I facilitate for a campus book club for students and we meet in my classroom. I have kids who were in my class in Kinder and now are big 'ole 4th graders come in, look around and say "I remember when we did that activity".

* It means challenging kids to think in ways they never have before.

* It means having fun with my students! There's nothing like students laughing at your jokes! I can be silly with them in a way I would never be with a room full of adults! :)

* It means getting rewarded in pictures the kids draw of me where I look like Princess Leia. I get told every day that I'm pretty, that I'm a fun teacher, that they love me. What other job do you have where that happens! The rewards may seem few and far between in the politics of education today-but it's all worth it for those moments.

* It means helping families. I try to give parents as much info as possible to help their kids be successful. Some are first time parents, or it's been awhile since they had a child in Kindergarten--but we work together to try to create the best learning experience for that kiddo.

I am very passionate about teaching (sometimes too much so :). I think I ended up in this profession for a reason and hope to continue doing it for a long, long time!

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