Friday, January 11, 2013

Good Things Friday

Like many other teachers, I get frustrated by the way our jobs are portrayed in the media. What is even worse is if you read the comments under articles. Add to that, so many changes at our school and district this year---there is a lot of negativity floating around out there.

Anyway, I was inspired by this post from: Venspired . I know myself, and know that I won't keep up with 365 days, however I am going to start a new weekly post showing pics from the week of the things that inspire me to continue being a teacher and to still love what I do. These are my first few:

After reading so many examples of people's one-word resolutions, on a whim really, I asked my kids to try their hand at it. This is what one of my scholars said her word was for this year: extraordinary. What a great word choice (I actually wish I had thought of that :)! It was once one of our vocab words so it really makes me smile that she remembers it and used it so perfectly.

This was the audience apparently "helping" the kiddos with their alphabet yoga poses in our yoga workstation. Gotta love the Kinders!

We started using our Joy Jar-at the end of every day I ask the kids to come up with good things that happened that day. This one cracked me up. I had to buy a new stapler over the break because one of the kids had broken mine (like literally took the springs out of the inside,curious, I guess). It was the highlight of their 1st day back. 

I run an after school book club for the kids. One of the groups is 3rd-5th graders. Many of them I taught years ago in Kindergarten (gosh, I'm getting old). They were lined up and I took them out to dismissal-when I came back in these messages were on my dry erase board. It's the little things. :)

Hope everyone had some positive things they can reflect upon this week!


  1. Those are some inspiring pictures for sure, even for someone who's never been in your class. I love that your little one chose extraordinary as her word. Great choice!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I am inspired and intrigued by your yoga workstation! I need more information! I love the idea of a joy jar.

    Everyone deServes to Learn