Saturday, January 26, 2013

Whopper Cake

I've posted before about loving to go to the library on the weekends and just browse titles. I got this one just for fun! It's called Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson:

It's a story about a grandpa making grandma quite a cake! It reminded me of a time when my sister and I were little. My dad wanted us to help him make my mom a cake. We read off the ingredients, mixed everything up, put it in the oven before we realized we had forgotten a few things. Nothing important really, just the baking powder, chocolate and sugar! So we took it out after cooking for like 5 minutes, mixed in the other ingredients and it turned out to be the best cake ever! :) It was our own secret recipe, don't think we'd ever be able to duplicate it.

Anyway, it's a cute story-perfect story for a Friday! So I asked the kids to write down what the rules for making a Whopper Cake would be. Here's what they came up with:

I'm not sure what this says, but I love the colorful details in her illustration. Those are some cakes!

This one was my favorite. I have been working with this student every day to sound out her words to write. She knows her sounds, but doesn't want to apply it to writing. For the first time, she did it! I can see I, can see "like", I can see "chocolate"....I was so excited, I sent her to show her Pre-K teacher from last year.

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