Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Things Friday

So continuing with some more weekly pics to highlight the GOOD STUFF!

It was a semi- productive week. I finished the one-on-one testing we were required to do, still working on the sight word/fluency testing for my own knowledge. I was afraid we might have regressed a little bit over the break; however, the students do still seem to be making progress.

1) Is something a GT kid would make or what? Of course they are supposed to be making words, but I couldn't resist taking a pic of this creativity!

2) One of my kids told me that my antennae were sticking up-apparently that's what Kindergartners call bangs! LOL :) Luckily, I don't have a photo of that one.

3) Now, I know this doesn't look like much. Last year our school finished construction on a new building. We also, at the same time have the city building a Metro Rail on our street. We are certainly used to the sights and sounds of construction! But this is my view outside my classroom window. They planted some trees! Yay! Of course, it's winter so they don't look that appealing yet, but I was excited. In the Spring we'll definitely have a much prettier view! 

4) I love it when a lesson plan comes together! We read Tacky the Penguin and besides doing a bubble map to describe Tacky, didn't really discuss much else. So I asked the kids to write whether it was right or wrong that Tacky was odd--these were the 2 answers that blew me away. Definitely goes along with the philosophy that I've tried to teach them.

5) And last but not least: I was incredibly lucky to get a Donorschoose proposal filled on Christmas Eve. With literally 6 hours left before it was archived, someone funded it and said "Merry Christmas". Most exciting present I received this year. My kiddos finally have materials to use in their housekeeping center! This isn't all of it, but what I did get to take a pic of:

Hope everyone had an amazing week too! :)

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  1. I love to find out how kids are thinking. We learn so much about them. Thank you for sharing.

    First in Maine