Friday, July 5, 2013

Characters With An Identity Crisis

I am making lists for myself now and thought I'd share one of them. Because I usually use a theme for our read-alouds, hoping it will help the kiddos make some connections, I am trying to categorize some that they aren't already familiar with. One of the themes that I think can make for a very humorous story line is an identity crisis.

Take this big chicken, for example:

He's not sure what he is and his friends certainly have some funny theories. But his different-ness certainly comes in handy when dealing with an egg-stealing wolf. This is a also a book with great lesson fodder for punctuation as well-lots of questions and exclamation marks!

Then you have poor:

He was born with looks that defy his family tree and certainly terrify his parents (he looks like a normal human *gasp* ).

One of my favorite fractured fairy tales:

Mother Duck takes care of all her little ones the same-even if one looks very different from his siblings. A swampy version of the Ugly Duckling with a Moose as the misunderstood one.

And then we have:

I really liked the premise of this story, I just was not a fan of the ending. I thought it was a little bit violent for a picture book. The "hot dog dog" as my students call them :) grows weary of his domestic life and decides to run with the big dogs, so to speak. When he sees what wolves do (that's the kind of violent part), he of course changes his mind.

Did I miss any others that you can think of?


  1. I really like Stand Tall Mollie Lou Melon as well as Charlie the Caterpillar. Books are the best teachers!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I love Molly Lou Melon, I'll have to check out Charlie! They really are great teachers! :)