Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Speaking of Math....

I was thinking about my good old standbys when it comes to literature about math concepts. I love to use stories to introduce or reinforce math concepts because it usually helps the kiddos visualize the idea better. I wanted to share some titles that you may not be familiar with:

Good for introducing dividing into equal groups or even/odd numbers.

The couple has a pot that when you put something inside-it doubles!

Good poems/photos illustrating the concept of counting.

This one can get a little long for the kids, but is a great illustration of shapes. I remember at a training years ago, they were saying something like 90% of kids missed a question on a shape on their standardized testing. It had 5 sides, but didn't look like the typical hexagon that they are taught is the 5-sided shape-they were all stumped as to what it was called. So I like that it this book teaches them that it doesn't matter what form the shape takes, but it's dependent on how many sides it has. And it usually sparks a conversation that luckily I have Google to help me because they start asking me all kinds of questions like "what do you call a shape with 20 sides?".

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation. I only have a 3-day week at summer school this week, so I think I'll make it! :)


  1. I've never heard of One Potato, Two Potato. I pinned it. Thanks!
    ❀ Tammy
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  2. I like the Greedy Triangle, too. I haven't read One Potato, Two Potato yet. I'm adding it to my list. Thanks!

    Love your blog design! I'm a new follower. :)

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  3. I haven't read One Potato, Two Potato, but it sounds like something I need to check out! ;) Thanks so much for the suggestion.

    Thank you for linking up with me! :)
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  4. My son loved the Greedy Triangle, especially the part at the end that showed you all the names of the shapes from 10-20 sides. He cracked up at their silly names!